Finch-Spray Rate Calculator .
Finch-Spray Rate Calculator

Nozzle Flow Rate Calculator Per 1000
Spray Application Rate:  Gallons/Acre
Ground Speed:  MPH
Width Between Each Nozzle:  Inches
If using 30in. or above nozzle tip height, check here
*All 20in. high nozzle tip height and 20in. spaced nozzles use a 110 degree nozzle

Nozzle Flow Rate: 0.00 Gallons/Min
  0.00 Oz/Min
Catch Test Yield per seconds: 0.00 Oz       High 0.00
Low 0.00
*Minimun of 15 seconds for catch test.

To Calculate MPH
Time Over 88 Feet (in seconds):
MPH: 0.0